Women of City Central

It’s international Women’s day today! Time to celebrate the admirable and strong women in our lives. Be it your mother, boss, doctor, best friend, girlfriend!

We’d like to highlight some of the talented entrepreneurs behind our shop, local and international. The list of names that you are about to read, may cause some massive proudness. You might want to sit down for this.

Anne and Eva Stalinski

Forget about the Hemsworths brothers or James and Dave Franco, the Stalinski sisters our the ones you should be following on Instagram. Anne and Eva are both independent Groninger illustrators and artists. Their massive online following and beautiful brands made their competition realize they are forces to be reckoned with.

Anne is one of the regulars at het Algemeen Dagblad, HP/De Tijd and Gemeente Groningen. Her funny and relatable observations of everyday trivialities can even make a grumpy old man laugh.

Eva’s brightly coloured reimaginings of everyday objects will make you want to carpe diem all the way. Check out her wonderful webshop to get some positive vibes at home!



Martine Buurman

We can’t do a list of inspirational women without naming Martine. With a number of successful businesses and webshops, this creative jack-of-all-trades buzzes with energy. Some say Nike’s famous motto “just do it” was inspired by this lady. Among other things, she designs, writes blogs, photographs and creates the most incredible candles. Really, is there anything she can’t do?



Karen Fernández Ruiz

The creative soul behind Indigo Craft Room and the clever notebooks in our shop. Karen is a self-taught entrepreneur who launched her own webshop only half a year ago. Being born in Venezuela and having lived in Spain and Germany, Karen is a true world citizen. Through workshops, she inspires others with her slow and honest way of living.


Nicole Blaak

Nicole is the founder of Babongo, one of our favourite Groningen-based brands selling green and fair trade lifestyle products, including some lovely eco soap and shampoo bars. Her positive attitude makes us fall in love with the world. “Babongo makes it easy being green.” Amen!


Jozephine Duker

Jozephine founded Unit 30, a ceramic design studio, together with her husband. Their beautiful webshop and products are worth your attention. Your coffee will never taste the same again; can’t blame her for being awesome though.


Gretel Lara

12knots jewellery is a feel-good brand that tugs all the right heartstrings. Founder Gretel, a successful Groningen-based Mexican jewellery designer, is all about love and goodwill. Her meaningful creations spread some extra positive energy around the city.


Marian Counihan

SURPRISE Marian! This day can’t pass by without us celebrating you! Marian, co-founder of City Central and brains behind so many other projects. She knows exactly how to bring people from different backgrounds together. If someone would ask us to draw diversity and inclusiveness, we would paint her. She’s City Central’s mama bear.

Big shout out to all the other women of City Central: Eva, Karmen, Qian, Elisa, Ana, Gabriela, Kim, Niki, Maja, Hanna, Amaranta, Caroline, Monique, Deborah, Sanne!


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