The sweet taste of Japan

Elisa Kephart, the talented foodie behind Bitchin' Kitchen, absolutely loves cooking. She makes 100% homemade cookies and muffins, but not the kind you find everywhere. Her delicious cookies have an original twist, with respect for the authentic Japanese and American traditions. Something you don't find anywhere else in Groningen.

Foodie Elisa Kephart
Foodie Elisa Kephart of Bitchin' Kitchen. Photo: Nienke Maat

"Inspiration comes directly from my childhood snack time back in Japan. I'm half American half Japanese so I grew up with cultural influences from both sides. This interesting mix is also reflected in my cooking. Besides Japanese sweets, I make classic American cookies. I suppose that's because of my grandfather. He loved baking pies!"

Elisa decided to start selling cookies in Groningen because she felt that the original Japanese cuisine was missing in the city. "I saw how most of the Japanese restaurants in Groningen actually serve a fusion of Asian cuisine. That's when the idea to start cooking 100% authentic Japanese meals for students hit me. Tricky plan, so I started small with sweets. You have to start somewhere."

Her business is now taking off and she's excited to show the city what she's got. "I make the purest Japanese sweets you can find in Groningen. I directly import matcha from Japan, add seeds and legumes and even the flour base is my original mix. Most of the ingredients are organic and plant-based so people with dietary restrictions or vegans can also enjoy some of my natural sweets. Everything is made from scratch with love!"

Pass by our shop and try Elisa's healthy Japanese Matcha cookies or Power Peanut butter cookies. Wednesday 'til Saturday, from 10am to 6pm.


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