Sign ups for My Local Friend now located on City Central site

Starting today, you can apply to become a volunteer or participant in My Local Friend right here on the City Central website!

Read on to find the links to get involved!

Not familiar with My Local Friend? Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

Taal Friend (NL) offers internationals a way to practice their Dutch conversational skills. once you’ve reached level A2 in Dutch, we’ll match you with a native Dutch-speaking Stadjer for conversation practice (and they're not allowed to switch to English!) and to help you learn a thing or two about the Dutch way of doing things.

Since it was founded back in 2017, sign ups for My Local Friend were completed through a separate website dedicated to the project, but these two sites have officially merged and are now a part of the main City Central website.

So, if you are interested in:

- helping out a new international to settle in the city

- helping out an international to practice their Dutch

- having someone help you get to know the city, and/or

- help you improve your Dutch

Then you can sign up directly at the links below:

Taal Friend: vrijwilliger

Taal Friend: internationals


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