NEW: Lekker kletsen

Apetrots? Doodmoe? Say what now? Does learning Dutch drive you bananas? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Every week in April, native speaker and Dutch studies-graduate Harlynn Bouma (26) will give a casual, free lesson for internationals to improve their Dutch.

We believe that successful integration partly means feeling like a local. Although learning the language is not the only route to success, it does help you connect with your new surroundings and community. With conversation, grammar practice and word history explanations, Harlynn will help new residents understand the language better and grow some self-confidence.

Like to join? Read all about the classes on our Facebook.

Harlynn Bouma
Harlynn Bouma will help new residents grow confidence in speaking Dutch (photo by Nienke Maat)

Lekker Kletsen is back!


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