Gezellig Games Night: Groningen quiz edition!

We could all use a little bit of at home fun during lockdown, right? Find out just how much you know about Groningen on Friday, 23 April during City Central’s gezellig games night: quiz edition!

City Central’s Groningen quiz

This month’s Gezellig Games Night starts at 20:00 and features our very own quiz about all things Groningen! From art to history, from sports to culture, from food to music – this Kahoot! quiz is a super fun (and challenging) way to test out your local knowledge and learn more about the city.

Thandeka will be your quizmaster, and this event is open to everyone: we invite new and long-term city residents alike to get your ticket and vie for a podium position!


You can also test your artistic skills in Skribbl.io (like online Pictionary) with Daindra! Skribbl.io is an online drawing guessing game: someone from the group will make a drawing based on an assigned word, and you have to guess what the word is based on the drawing.

So sign up and bust out your best drawing equipment – a tablet or a phone - and your trusty fingers!

This event is free, but be sure to reserve your spot over at our Eventbrite page!

Note: Since there is a cap on the number of people who can participate in each game, you will have access to both games when you sign up and can take turns playing them.


Lekker Kletsen is back!


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