Generous Groningen

Our raison d’être at City Central is to ensure that Groningen is a city for everyone - so that all residents, old and new, can belong and contribute to the city. That goes beyond just helping internationals integrate and meet locals. It means ensuring that Groningen can adapt to, but also thrive on, her growing diversity.

Last year we teamed up with policy advisors from the municipality to work together on this topic. We want to renew and coordinate policy for diversity and internationalisation, so that inclusion is built into the networks and the processes of the city. We partnered with local designer and changemaker Studio MARCHA to turn this goal into a project, Generous Groningen, and won a subsidy from the Fund for the Creative Industry to implement it

Last week we held the kick-off with citymakers Floor Ziegler and Teun Gautier, initiators of the national Stadmakers’ network. It was an inspiring start of the project. It will be continued with an intensive Design Sprint for three teams in October, and then a final event to showcase our results.

Please read more on the project website, and send an email to marian@maieutic.nl if you want to stay updated about this project.


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