Gaming in Groningen

Game On, a massive exhibit at Forum Groningen celebrating 50 years of video games, just kicked off this week, so we thought we'd share all the gaming goodness Groningen has to offer!

From disco bowling to escape rooms, from gaming enthusiast bars to game development collectives, Groningen has a little bit of everything when it comes to playing.

Gaming bars:

It’s not an uncommon sight in a Dutch kroeg to spot patrons of all (legal drinking) ages focused attentively on a board game, beers in hand. Groningen has lots of bars and cafes that invite their visitors to enjoy some good old fashioned entertainment, too:

In De Buurt put together a great overview of all the drinking establishments in town where board games are more than welcome:

d’Ouwe Brandweer

Chaplin’s Pub


Het Concerthuis

Gelkinge 9

Grand Cafe Time Out

Inspiratie Café Oso

De Minnaar

For chess lovers in particular, Hooghoudt Proeflokaal is the place to be. They even host scores of chess matches out on the sidewalk in front of the café during the summer – and they have plenty of other board games to choose from inside.

Another special spot is BOEL, a bar that’s all about jeu de boeles.

Pub quizzes:

If pub quizzes are more your speed, you’re truly spoiled for choice in Groningen.

De Toeter has two quizzes a week, and Usva hosts monthly quizzes during the school year.

De Drie Gezusters, Vera, Pathe, Café Oblomov, d’Ouwe Brandweer, Hemingways, O’Malleys and Café De Kale Jonker also all host regular pub quiz nights

Escape rooms:

Escape Hunt Groningen

Het Hout 1

Multi Escape Groningen

Oosterhamriklaan 117

Goldberg Escape Gronigen

Suikerlaan 35


The Drie Gezusters has their very own speelhal, and a brand new arcade, the Game Box, is set to open at Oosterstraat 15 sometime in the coming months!

Board games:

Purperen Draak

Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 86a

Wir War

Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat

There’s also a dedicated gaming association in Groningen: Rabenhaupt

Laser tag:

Target Lasergame

Oosterkade 6

Mini golf:

Pitch & Putt Groningen



Bowlingcentrum Groningen

Gedempte Kattendiep 4

Kartracing & Bowling Groningen

Kardingerweg 50
Game developers:


Game Bakery (collective)

Did you know there's even a game all about Groningen? Visit Groningen.nl to explore Become a Virtual Groninger!

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