Fiets Friend

Shark teeth, green lights for all cyclists, and not messaging on your bike; there are so many rules and things to keep in mind when cycling around Groningen! Fietsen (biking) is definitely one of the trickiest- and most dangerous- aspects of Dutch culture to get accustomed to.

That's why we're proud to our present Fiets Friend initiative. FietsFriend is designed to assist those who don't yet know how to cycle, who want to get to grips with the rules of the road, or who are looking to discover a new part of the city.

You can email us for one-on-one lessons, brush up on your knowledge of the rules of the road or discover the stunning surroundings of Groningen during one of our days out. Simply click on the links to get going!

We’ll get you cycling like a Dutchie (or even more safely!) in no time.


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