Welcome Friend

New to the city? Connect with a Welcome Friend who will introduce you to the city and answers any questions you've about life in Groningen.

My Local Friend is a volunteer organization in Groningen which we run through City Central. From October of 2020, the project has split into two tracks: Welcome Friend for social support, and Taal Friend for Dutch conversation practice. Both of the tracks are designed to put new and old Groningers in contact with each other and help new residents learn the language (Taal Friend) and get to know the city better (Welcome Friend).

Welcome Friend matches recently arrived students and international residents with a local English-speaking volunteer for a period of six months. We pair up a local – a Dutch person or an international resident – with a newcomer, and the volunteer introduces him/her to the city and answers any questions he/she may have about life in Groningen.


Do you want to:


Do you want to:


Join either as a new resident or as a volunteer by signing up for an intake here.

In light of the coronavirus, your safety is more important than anything else. You do not have to meet in person if you do not feel safe doing so, and please check local rules and restrictions if you do choose to meet in person. You and your match can always stay in touch by telephone, video chat or WhatsApp.