Celebrating the diversity of Groningen

Groningen is a super-diverse city! But do we all feel at home here? And what makes us feel at home? #IKBENEENGRONINGER is our ribbon campaign to showcase and celebrate the diversity of Groningen. It has several components.

Together with Dat is Groningen we are making video portraits for Groningen residents of all 190 nationalities. You can watch these films on the Dat is Groningen website.

At several events we are popping up to take photos and hear the stories of Groningers of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. How do they feel about their city?

Pop-up locations:
Phd Day, 21 September, Oosterpoort
Diversity Day, 21 October, City Central
Let's Gro, 1-3 November, Grote Market (City Central cubestee)

Showing and telling the stories of diverse Groningen! We will have an exhibition at Let's Gro, as well as at other locations after that.

Investigating what it means to be inclusive! We like to address this topic in settings which bring academic researchers, policy makers and residents together.

Upcoming events:

How inclusive is the university? 1 November, Let's Gro (City Central cubestee)
How inclusive is the city? 2 November, Let's Gro (City Central cubestee)
Groningen, a global city
? 28 November, collaboration with Studium Generale

Please follow our Facebook page for the fulll schedule of upcoming events!


City Central x Studium Generale 28 November

Past events:

City Central at Let's Gro festival
Diversity Day at City Central